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Scared me a little, good game!

Love this game styl

The purple cat in the water face first caught me off guard when I was collecting rocks! The harvest festival was quite interesting before it kicked me out, very interesting i would say indeed!

lol i found it on time duh thats al the stuff that i need cuz but when i star it something pop up it said windows is protecting me...? idk what wrong with it but i need something to let me play this first

In my quest to force myself to play horror, this one caught me off guard and completely pulled the rug, and left me unsettled even if I played it off. Definitely try it yourself! Good job!


sorprendente y creepy! Gracias creador!

I am not gonna lie... it got a brotha tense.

This is NOT how I remember Animal Crossing. 

very heat game love animal crossing was not ready for that 

This looks like a nice and relaxing game :D

cute, then creepy towards the end. what I would imagine a game from a creepypasta would be like when I was younger XD.  


This game was very spooky. I really enjoyed the design of the characters and the environment. I also liked the little amount of music this game had. Its a very charming game that reminds me of Animal Crossing. Nothing was really that creepy, but it was eerie and the face that the character we control made at the screen, even when turned around did startle me a bit! I was not expecting that. I wish more happened in the game though! After the game 'crashed' as a scripted event, I opened the application again to see if anything changed, and after re-playing it again, I couldn't tell if anything else was changed. I watched a few You-tubers play it, and it seems to end after the game crashed. I think it would have been a amazing idea to have little, subtle changes happen if you re-play the game. Overall, this was very fun. I can't get over how well it replicated the Animal Crossing / N64 vibe. Great job! 

Very charming.

Loved everything about this game! The art style was nostalgic, and everything felt like childhood. Ya know. Minus the ending. I think if I had seen this as a kid, I would have never played another video game again! Part 2 of a 4 game video. 

Thank you for this game!

very interesting game, cute and scary. reminds me of animal crossing!!

gameplay pt-br

I really didn't expect this game to really get my interest all that much because i'm not a big horror game fan
but this was a really, really nicely made game even if it was pretty short :)
Great job, honestly!

That was a really nice game!
I liked the artstyle and all these cute, silly (and creepy...) cats!

this game is quite creepy well done!

That was awesome 8/10

love it

Very cute-creepy game! I love it!

Cute, short, and creepy. Can’t really ask for more.


Just played this game, A game with a ton of character, impressive visuals, and is reminiscent of GameCube games from days past. Definitely worth checking out.

I Definitely hope there's a part two with deeper lore

1st Game

I got a little confused because I never really played Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon :)


This became one of my favourite horror games. I am absolutely amazed how nostalgia and horror assets fit so well together and I would love this to be much bigger. What I mean by this is that Animal Crossing has no end to it's game. There's something everyday in real time. This would be so awesome for this game and I would actually love to make something like this if you, the developer team of harvest festival 64, give me permission (of course also crediting the actual game and developers). Just a silly idea because I have a lot of time in my hands and this is the first game ever that made me want to make a longer version of. (I MADE THIS ITCH.IO ACOUNT JUST TO COMMENT THIS XD).

Whoa! seriously creepy ending!

Well done! :)

really fun and interesting game! Loved how subtle it was with it's horror as well as the overall cuteness. 10/10 game !!
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I loved this game! It was short, sweet, and absolutely creepy. It caught me off guard since it looked innocent and it has been a while since I downloaded it. I would love to play a longer version of this game. 10/10


Good game would play again

I think I got the wrong game... I was wanting to get animal crossing not a nightmare :3

WTF!! What just happened?! Love it!!

i didnt even played this game but i can already feel and smell some lore in it

i know theres some lore or some horror shit in it when its says ẽ̸͓͙̤͓͋̊̉n̶̥̝̈́̈̕j̶͕͖̔̉̀͝o̶̞̙͊̚y̴̻̗͜͝ͅ life! in a weird ass font

Oh no... I just wanted some fun!


Pretty good idea, but it needs a warning about photosensitivity triggers that appear near the end of the game on when the game starts and on the download page. 

This was freaking great! Not a long, super special story game or anything. But It was just a short little game to freak out my little sister lol Thanks Much!

super well made!! loved it :D 

I love Animal Crossing so I was definitely looking forward to this one! It was cute at first until I started looking around a little harder haha!

funny and spoopy very gud game Warkus 10/10 animal crossing experince. 

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