A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Play as a chicken with a sword. With this sword it can teleport! Oh, and there are upgrades, of course. Now go and hit those skeletons with full force!




JUMP: Space

INTERACT: Left Click

TELEPORT: Right Click

INCREASE MOUSE SENSITIVITY: . (yes, the dot character)

DECREASE MOUSE SENSITIVITY: , (yes, the comma character)


This is a solo developer project. The game was made ~20 hours for the 11th ScoreSpace Jam ,  2021. All assets where either created during the jam or are CC0-Licensed, gathered from various sources.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date Jan 11, 2021
GenreAction, Role Playing
Made withBlender, Godot, Krita
Tags3D, Chicken, Funny, Loot, Retro, Roguelike, Roguelite, Swords, upgrades
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


windows_chicknsword.zip 25 MB
linux_chicknsword.zip 41 MB


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despite being tired. was a legit fun game. unique premise and fun slash and dash.


I became Chick, destroyer of skeletons

this was pretty fun and i love the graphics

i got to stage 46 and had a score of 48282 i just let them eat the chickens since i was still at 100 percent and it got repetitive  

I had an absolute blast playing this game. Probably one of my favorite games I've played on Itch.io just for the sheer nonsense of it. lol 
I hope you don't mind but I've done a Let's Play of your game. If you ever add more features or even just have little tweaks to the game, I'll be super excited to check them out =D

Nice. I usually play y-invert mouse on, but since it's only horizontal movement, I got by. You can probably disable vertical mouse movement since there's no point looking up or down.

Level 10, Score: 9529

The gameplay reminds me of Risk of Rain 2. With some variety of weapons and enemies, it would extend the game.


Loved this!

Amazing game, Love it!


Gotha i got you. Lol

Nice game, it's fun to replay but its very hard to get past stage 16/17

Nice game!!

cool but then got bored lol

would be cool to see an accessories feature like make the points overall maybe the points you get for a sort of currency? idk

bro i keep taking damage. but the enemies are far away from me. how ???

the damage is based on the chicken coops getting attacked


yeah i figured that out when i was playing. i kept attacking the skeletons who ate my brethren

It is an absolute masterpiece.

Cool. Also needs more h a t 


Hey I tried your games!


These lands are mine to protect. The lives of those who inhabit it are my cross to bare, and so I bare it with pride and honour unto my last breath. Take heed, ye men of bone, for these lands be guarded, and guarded shall they forever be.

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I played Chick N Sword as part of a "3 free random games" video - I also played MilkMan Karlson and You Did It Faster Before.

This game was strange in the best way and I definitely want to play it again! I got a little confused on what the money was for but after a round or two I knew what I was doing! Really liked this, the style of the game is lovely! :D
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Playing the Jan 11, 2021 Linux version. 

Pretty good score attack game. After realizing I had to pick up the sword the game was fairly self explanatory. Only issue is that my chicken would either jump 3 ft in the air or barely get it's feather off the ground. I did find that teleporting was more useful than jumping most of the time, so It's not a huge issue.

With my potato pc the game turns in to kill the skeletons quickly or get a crash

Extra difficulty ;)



Hey, thanks for playing :)

chickin sword. This game is so adorable and lots of fun. Had a blast!


chicken sword

hi i played game

very cool

pls watch vid


Was a perfect little fun game! From the start where the player picks up the sword, till the end of the game, it's pure chaos and fun! 

The art style and music went really well together and helped the game feel fresh and helped with not being boring as the player kept playing. 

The animations were simple, yet effective and really cute! My only suggestion would be to maybe make the speed boost actually noticeable as it seemed to cap after one or two times. And maybe add jumping into the game as well, once I figured out how to launch myself by teleporting into the edge of a tree, it became loads more fun!

 But yeah, it was a simple yet entertaining game!!

Thanks for the elaborated review. Glad that you enjoyed it :)


chicken stole that sword off link. it looks so much like the master sword for some reason...

Nice game, it was a fun experience a bit. I might play it again someday.

hey i played your game and it was alot of fun. I don't know if there is more to the game. It would really help if you could check out my channel and possible subscribe! Thank you!

This game is okay. It gets boring after a while of doing the same thing the whole game. You get a sword, defend the chickens from the same skeletons and hit the chest for a upgrade using coins. There needs to be more to this game.

I didnt expect game with chicken holding a sword to be soo hard funny game 10/10 hope u expand it

I really enjoyed this game. Chiken is so cute

Hi, I've made a video about the game :) and I wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you :D.

-The main idea and the gameplay mechanics are pretty fun and solid as they feel quite polished.

-I would add some extra funny perks to the box as it got to a point were they started repeating over and over again.

-Adding some funny dialogs to the chickens between waves could be great.

-The visual style is quite great and I really enjoyed it.

-Taking this and turning it into a bigger game could be awesome as I see a lot of funny potential in this game :).

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on making new games. Hopefully this is useful for you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


I really enjoyed this game. The characters are cute and the gameplay is fun yet simple. if I had to suggest one feature it would be an online multiplayer mode so I can play with my friends. Other than that this was a wonderful experience :)

Really fun and goofy game. Also super cool to see it was made in Godot! Nice job :)

a chicken knight馃槀

Only through Godot can you make such a polished game in less than 20 hours...

your playing so many games... i always see you in the comment section...

I will stop uploading for the time being, I will upload again about 6th March. (also subscribe to my channel! )

Lol oki

My channel was hacked, all videos were deleted...


The only thing that would make the game better would be a co op mode 

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