A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You are participating in a study that aims to determine the effects of low-frequency sounds  on the human body. Previous studies have shown that these frequencies can cause odd sensations that people attribute to Paranormal Encounters. What will you experience?

WARNING this game contains actual low-frequency sounds. Play at your own risk!


This game also got covered by ALPHA BETA GAMER - read the article here: https://www.alphabetagamer.com/ghost-study-game-jam-build-download/


  • For everyone who can't figure out how to access the pastebin, here is the link: https://pastebin.com/Zw8LdwfJ
  • Try to google the text on the notes
  • A secret will be revealed if you manage to find all 6 notes


This is a solo developer project. The game was made ~30 hours for the second ScreamJam of 2020. All assets where either created during the jam or are CC0-Licensed, gathered from various sources.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date 44 days ago
Made withBlender, Aseprite, Godot, GIMP, Audacity, FL Studio
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Exploration, First-Person, Horror, PSX, Retro, Short, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


ghoststudy_windows.zip 27 MB
ghoststudy_linux.zip 43 MB
32bit.zip 27 MB


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A bit late to the party but Hell I got spooked.

 i was not prepared for the screamer :( loved it

I was NOT AT ALL prepared for this and paid ... πŸ˜‚

when she ran at me thru the doorway my mouse literally flew off my table

I COMPLETELY fudged the notes up so I'm fairly certain I missed out on some goods. But this still got me and the premise was good fun. Though I was afraid of the brown note chiming in. Well done!

This got me so good with the scares! Really enjoyed it! 

this game was so much fun! 

Really like a legit paranormal Encounter! Loved the retro touch and the gameplay in it! Great Game!

I enjoyed this game for what it was, it actually made me rage quit because of the volume of the last jumpscare LOL, it was really scary even for a self proclaimed horror king like myself! It's the first game played! 

I liked the concept behind this game!  I managed to get jump scared a few times while playing! 

This was awesome... sorry I didn't say much about it in my video but I absolutely LOVED this

LOVED IT!... Even tho the JUMPSCARE made me jump... slightly browned mah jeans... :d ALSO! There's some sort of a secret at the end!? I got the link leading to the Myth Busters video... :o

I loved this. I especially liked the way everything looked.

Nice short game actually scared me once or twice. I played it on my channel as part of a 2 random scary games video, check it out if you can and leave a like if you enjoy/subscribe I love you all

very nce game. you did a beautiful work. and its created with godot engin

Interesting game I must say. I recommend this 100%. Little did I know that I will now kick out my dresser out! Come and see how we did it. 

This game was SO creepy! But it was a blast to play! I like the lore aspect to is as well. Maybe someone smarter than me can piece together what it all means. You guys should totally give this game a download if you like horror games as much as I do. Totally worth your 10-15 minutes to play it!

This game really got me! Awesome creepy vibes all the way through! I'm sure it will make more sense once I find all the notes!

It will :) Thanks for playing

Oh man, this game gave me one of the biggest darn jump scares I have ever experienced in a while. I apologies for the spoiler but heck, what did you expect from a horror game. I love the story and the rabbit hole you got me into, however I am unable to find the 6th note, I went through the game a few times, so I got no idea how to open the pastebin.

posted my playthrough.... great game btw


Creepy atmosphere, and it actually scared me a couple of times! Nice work!

Another great game by Warkus! Thanks for the chills!

Very cool liked the atmosphere

You've really got something here. Can't overstate how much I liked the IRL elements like the web pages, really makes the whole experience that much scarier. It's the second game I played in my most recent 3 Scary Games vid!

Your game is the last one in the video.

Haha this was an interesting game to play as a deaf person. The ghost sound/frequency is almost silent to me. So I just played it as if it was really quiet. I still had fun exploring the house and getting spooks. I like the concept of being a test subject for this mysterious sound. Fun short horror game!

Gameplay starts at 0:31. This was pretty good for such a short game! I did not get to uncover the secrets but I appreciate that aspect. This has the potential to be built upon more. The way it ends has so many possibilities of branching off. Makes me want to find another game made by this team and I hope it'll be just as good!

NOPE 😱 starts at 12:38 

Uhhm... I'm Confused, Is there an actual effect?

It's a jumpscare festival lol :) Well done! :)

This video will premiere soon :)

(1 edit)

Very simple game with a unique concept and nostalgic visuals. 

Gameplay footage begins @ 30:05; continuation of review down below:

I can't remember the first time I've ever heard the term, "infrasonic frequencies" or played a game surrounding the study or observance of low-frequency sounds so, if not original to some, this game is surely original to me. I had fun playing this. At times, it was a bit confusing but looking back on it, there were audio/visual cues to guide the player where they needed to go to progress further in the game. The ending was surprising to say the least. The game encapsulates the theme of the Game Jam perfectly. 

Good Game!. I felt a little insure of what to do at times and felt like I could have used a little more direction but other than that I loved the concept of it and I thought the opening screen was very spooky and super well done, The Game did a good job of making me feel unsettled and feel uncertainty as to what was happening or what was about to happen. 

So, this game was fun, it was interesting, and the infrasounds were... weird, my ears felt funny for a moment. The story is good, and I like the twist at the end. I did the survey by the way, it was fun to fill up, haha!

your game, it scared me. well done!

Spooky game! Good stuff.. got me a few  times. Now I want to know what the pastebin was all about. Game #4


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wtf are you talking about?


bakugo stop, please πŸ˜žβœ‹ 



Very Spooky and Scary!

I played this game for a 3 random horror games video!

I love the amount of effort and research that was put into this game. Really enjoyed reading the research papers that you linked to as well. Hope you'll continue making great games. PS it scared my pants off me.

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