A downloadable Monster-Collecting RPG for Windows and Linux

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Inspired by Pokémon, Dragon Quest, Monster Rancher and other late 90s classics, this game tasks you to explore a mysterious world, capture and train the spirits that inhabit this realm and seek the timeless creature that lurks in the depth of the underground.



"On the day of their coming of age, the residents of Hamelin are tasked with proving their value by journeying to the realm of the Ancients."

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Survival Guide

Features :

- 27 spirits to capture and train, each one having their own abilities

- A mysterious world to explore

- late 90s era inspired graphics and cutscenes

- A 2-4 hours worth of gameplay

- Secrets to discover

- Full Gamepad support

Credits :  

Warkus : Code, System Design, Level Design, Technical Art, Game-Design 

Twitter - Itch.io


Xena-Spectrale : 2D/3D Art, Sound Design, Music, World Building, Game-Design

Twitter - Itch.io

 Soundtrack here : 



Oh Hamelines, let the spirits guide you through the flesh...

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(55 total ratings)
AuthorsWarkus, xena-spectrale
GenreRole Playing
Made withGodot, Blender
TagsAction RPG, Atmospheric, Exploration, Fantasy, JRPG, Low-poly, Monsters, Retro, weird
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


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A hundred thanks for this. I will always remember my first encounter with the game : the feeling of a fever dream

The first run to the boss was real nice for sure. But a guide in gamefiles or youtube would be nice for 27 spirits because I don't feel like walking into every wall in the game to find them.

This is one of my favorite games on Itch. Are there any plans for a full paid version?

Awesome game. Love the monster designs!

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This game woops so much ass. I just wish it was longer or something because what's here is quite unique I think. Could be expanded on in a sequel or something with more monsters and abilities and/or mechanics. 


The Linux version is the Windows version file archived under a wrong name.

too easy

The sound effects for the monsters are lovely. They really capture a feeling I haven't had since getting lost in Mt. Moon on a Game Boy emulator when I was a child.


This game was everything! I really enjoyed the creature design and the water color art. I felt like every bit of this game had so much passions and dedication put into it! Enjoyed the story, the call back to 90's era gaming. Made this original art as well trying to follow your style! Hope you enjoy the video! :D

You walk circles around mobs until they die

Deleted post

When I saw the names of who made this, had to give it a shot!
Game was cute, liked the spirit designs, game play was fun but would like to see some differences in enemy/my spirit attacks, after a while, I got use to and knew what to expect but the bosses where a nice switch up. Finding "shiny" spirit was fun to double up on the monsters powers I was looking for. Liked the power combo system, how you could double up... quad up powers to make some silly game play! Got too excited about the quicken and glass cannon abilities when I realized everything stacked! That was really cool to mess with. 

Was a good game, hit the feelings I wanted, got excited to see new spirits and play with the abilities.
Good job Warkus and Xena-Spectrale

Note: This is a 1/4 video that will be coming out

I love this game so much

Absolutely loved this.


a dungeon crawler with shoot 'em up elements is super clever, something i've never seen, and the art style is spot on. loved all the unique voice clips for the monsters too. trying to collect all 27 monsters can feel a bit grindy, (even with the four luckiest monsters), so I was hoping for a bigger reward for doing so, like a "true" ending perhaps (although the certificate is really charming!)

I also noticed it's actually possible to enter and exit the room with the collapsed wall in the first area of the game. it isn't game breaking at all, just thought it was a fun discovery.



Good game! The concept is very interesting. but I'm confused which one is the final boss. I think Aquariald is harder to fight than Arieye but there is a cut scene after fighting Arieye.

Then a few suggestions for those of you who want to play it. get aquariald to make it easier for you to catch spirits. Hehe

Looking forward for your next project. :)


with 2 vision upgrades I was able to cheese the final boss by just getting it aggro'd then walking outside the room and sitting there behind a wall. it spawning the mobs deaggro'd it, but then I just walk forward, walk back behind the wall. I got up and took a piss and got an ice cream sandwich during the final boss lol.

seems like the way the game works is that my guys require a direct line of sight to initiate an attack, but not one to maintain an attack. might wanna fix that, also pulled this strat off in the catacombs.

I beat the game in like 30 minutes when it says 2-4 hours 😔

Great game! just wish there were more than 3 Poisigo in the game so it's easier to find a shiny one.

Amazing game, incredibly cool synthesis of genres and amazing world to get pulled into

that ending really got me...


This is awesome! I love the design of the spirits and the world. The music and sounds help add to the dark atmosphere. The bullet-hell gameplay is simple but it’s paired well by the spirits you capture and level up. The variety of spirit’s abilities make for a good progression system and give a great incentive to use every spirit you capture. I haven’t beaten the game as of this comment but I’m definitely going back in! Fantastic work on this!

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I have a problem where if the game is fullscreen it will be all in black, and now i cant revert it.

Post: What a great game, it manages to do a lot with just so little, it really feels engaging and really pushes u to complete the collection of critters. There are some Shin megami/digimon vibes that i loved and in the end it really is a fun game.

I would love to see an update with maybe more secrets or a chance to access those off limit zones.

Try toggling fullscreen by pressing Alt+Enter


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Loved this. Caught 'em all. One thing, though. I played this for more than a couple of hours. Closer to five. Really dig it. I do wish there was some secret ending or something for getting 27/27 but it's still great.

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Beat it! Had a fantastic time playing. Really enjoyed a lot of the design decisions. I like how combat automatically happens as you run by enemies and you don't have to stop in your tracks for every battle like some other monster collection games.

I collected 25 / 27 monsters. Can't for the life of me find out where the last 2 are. Looking at the trailer, I can see what they are, but can't find anywhere in the game I haven't explored yet. Since one of them appears to be connected to one of your previous games, I wonder if I have to do some meta messing with the files or something to get it.

There were quite a few collision problems with the game where I would get stuck in places and have to exit to the main menu to get out of the soft lock. You can clip into the house in the surface by walking through the pipes on the left side of it, you can clip into the no-collision door that drops you into the pit of enemies by moving along the side, and you can clip into pretty much every prop in the game (although those don't have collision on the inside, so you can walk right out).

Overall, another fantastic game. Well done!

EDIT: I was able to get the last 2 monsters by editing the save file, but I don't think that's the intended way of doing it. Not sure if there's an in-game way of collecting the last 2 monsters. Would love to hear if anyone has found a way.

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Also not sure about the last two. I rewatched the trailer and don't see them in there, though.

Edit: I found them. If you want to unlock them in game I can tell you where they are.

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Yes, please! Just be sure to write "SPOILERS" and press enter a bunch so people have to click "View rest" to see.




Behind the hut in the Surface room there's a fake wall and both are located there.


Thanks! After getting soft locked near there I figured it was just a glitchy area and stopped searching there haha. Nice find!


thanks so much for this


cant wait to play! looks great