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1.Does shooting enemies on the ceiling just make them come down?

2.Ranged attacks should be able to go around corners imo. (yes this includes enemies ranged attacks)

3. How long do you think a full run of the game will be?

no more demo there ? :(

absolutely loved this! Im a huge sucker for Resident Evil stuff and you knocked it out of the park with this fan game. Captured the dread feeling perfectly!

I played your demo through the Spectral Mall, thus the thumbnail.

wishlist this on steam people this feels like its a PSX game

Dope game, kinda hard but really cool atmosphere ->

I seriously enjoyed this! Will be buying this one!

Full Demo  NO Commentary

Hey! I played this in the Spectral Mall Demo Disc and included it in my roundup video. Starts around 2:44 (if you only want to see this game). Best of luck with the development!


My first thought was "oh another res inspired shooter", but DAMN this caught me off guard. what a fun experience it was.


Looks cool! I'ma wishlist this!


I like what I see :)


Turn-based retro horror?! Already wishlisted, will buy as soon as it's out. *salivating intensely*