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I loved this game! I just wanted more!!! The music was great, and it created a great atmosphere. I want more games like this.

Very fun little game! The movement feels very good.

I can't express how good this game is. Like really. I wanted to make something similar for long time. 

Now I'm trying to try creating something like this. Thank you!

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This was a really fun little mini-metroidvania!

The combat was basic but engaging--but the real meat was in the traversal mechanics.

Movement was responsive and intuitive, and the movement upgrades felt really nice to play with. Plus--this being a metroidvania--each opened up new areas.

The art was retro in a way that I found pleasing--especially in the 3D-rendered (or maybe stop-motion) enemies.

In terms of duration, the game was short--but in that, didn't outstay its welcome.

My only real complaint is that I found the audio effects to be a bit harsh at times.

But even that was nowhere near enough to spoil what was otherwise a really good time. ^_^

reminds me of lunacid. love that one. music could have been better here


LOOOOOOOOOOVE the snappy combat and movement

would love to see a longer version one day ♥

good lil metroid dungeon crawler

Amazing little game! I'm begging for more!

Just beat the game, and I really like it!  I wasn’t expecting the fast and snappy movement or the platforming focus, but it feels pretty darn good to control, and all the upgrades really add to it!  Super well done!

Honestly a really good little game on its own and definitely a good model for a longer project.  I can picture it with a shield and blocking stamina, and I like that image.  

This was a really cool little demo, I've enjoyed a number of Warkus' games so I've been wanting to try this one out. It's super short but I loved it for what it was. Made a little video of my playthrough :)


Really good but short game. Appreciatte the effort. Thank you it was fun.

love the vibes and art choices and music etc. really fun!

This was tremendously good. I hope you plan to expand on this into a longer experience. You should change NOTHING. Thank you!

Won't open for me :(

really like this one, short, cool skeletons an really cool gameplay

Hough! Hough! Hough! Gaah! Gaah! :^)

unplayable mouse sensitivity

Even with the settings that let you adjust it?

adjusting sensitivity doesn't change anything.

The same.

Is an amazing game. Combining Firt Person with metroidvania is a very good proposal


tiny and fun!

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Looks cool! 

How do you make graphics like this? Can you make a tutorial or even release source code and assets? 

I'm interested in creating a game similar to King's Field but I've only made small 2D games before and this has exactly the look I'm going for.


Solid short game ->


Awesome short game, would play more lol

Full Play NO Commentary 

Loved it!!!!

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Please, expand on this game! I really loved it! ( From the artstyle to the environments, upgrades, battles, ecc ) I would totally pay for a longer version/full release of it. Thank you very much for making it. I had an absolute blast playing it.

Fun little game. Wouldn't mind seeing a larger one in a similar style.

This is a solid game. Gameplay, level design and aesthetic are on point. Wish it was a full game!

short but its really nice!

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What a great game! Some things I appreciate about it:

  • Immediate player control
  • Clear progression and objectives
  • The movement feels great! I love just jumping around!
  • Combat feels tense and ties into mechanics
  • Colorful, atmospheric graphics that aren't in-your-face about being low-res and retro
  • Linux support

These are the building blocks that pretty much every fun game nails--and what a sense of style it has too! Pretty rough around the edges, but extremely solid work for what it is.

good game but it will sometimes freeze

for a minute

Was fun to try it out! :) 
Here is my gameplay if you want to take a look.


It feels and looks amazing, but it was kinda disappointing not having any secrets in a map that felt very open and easy to explote with the jump boost's, idk if u plan on expanding the game, it could be actually great. Having different zones, buildings, biomes, you got the plataforming action right, why not make a full game?

I absolutely agree, I went back just to see if there was lol

Really good game, you did it again, can't wait to till the next project!


Great game, Warkus! I love your work!

Would love to see this expanded, a bit sad its so short, lots of promise here!

That was fun :)

Absolutely wonderful aesthetic. Sad that it was so short; I'd love to see this expanded upon.

This is a really nice short game, enjoyed it.

Awesome lil game, loved the aesthetic, and decently challenging. Amazing work for such a short devtime!

I really liked this game! It was quite a fun experience! I'm not sure if there were secrets that I might have missed, but I had a blast! those mages really had it in for me, but I gave them what for! Really liked the design, the music and the overall feel for the game! Awesome job!

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