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Play as the souls of two witches seeking for revenge in this Doom inspired dungeon crawler.                                                                                                       

This game is a solo developer project. It was made for the Bonfire Jam



Press F to switch between the two Souls
Press E to interact
Press WASD to move
Press Left-Click to shoot
Press 1 / 2 to decrease / increase mouse sensitiviy

Press Enter to toggle Fullscreen



- The ice (blue) projectiles not only freeze enemies but also weakens them, so that the fire (red) projectiles do a lot more damage.

- Try to kill as many enemies  as possible on each level to get as much souls as possible that you then can spend on upgrades.

- Enemies get faster and stronger on the later levels. Use the ice projectiles to slow them down


About the game:

You play as Siglinda and Aloysia. Two witches that gained their dark powers from the powerful demon AZASEL. In return the demon demanded their souls to be dragged into PURGATORY.

Since then the two souls can't accept their fate and are on their everlasting quest to seek revenge and redemption.

But the two souls can't succeed on their own. Siglinda's fire magic is only effective when supported by Aloysia's powerful ice magic, which can freeze enemies.


The game and all assets were made during the 48h jam with the following exceptions:

- Music and sfx from https://opengameart.org/ (all CC0)

- Font from https://fontlibrary.org/en/font/medievalsharp (OFL)


souls_of_purgatory_windows.zip 34 MB


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my right hand got sore of the amount fast clicking to prevent my a** to get killed by horrendous demons, great game.

Excuse me, but is the game fully finished, regarding the content part?


This game was made during a 48 hour long game jam. That's all the content I could crank out in that amount of time. I find the whole concept of the game still interesting, though. So maybe there will be more like this in the future :) 

The game is great. Loved the design and the music.

Thanks for playing! :)

the intro song is cool and I do like the shadow on the hand