A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Dive deeper and deeper into the depths of the ocean to gather more and more rare resources. But watch out for what is lurking the depths. The shop, with all it’s upgrades will turn out to be very valuable. Dive, Mine, Sell & Thrive!

Please download the LATEST version for the extended POST-Jam updates.



WASD - Move

E - Interact

Left Click - Mine

@warrrkus (Twitter) for news and updates

This is a solo developer project. The game was made initially made for the 48th Ludum Dare Game Jam in ~72 hours. All assets where either created during the jam or are CC0-Licensed, gathered from various sources.



------------ A few hints / tips. Don't read this if you want to find stuff out on your own: -----------------------------------------------------

- The deeper you go, the more valuable the ore gets. While ore at near surface level is only worth 1 credit, one ore from the depth can be worth thousands of credits.

- Always watch your oxygen and depth meter. If you ignore one of them or both death will come very quick. Also watch out for the fish. They are not your friends.

- Buying equipment that increases your depth always means that new ore types are now accessible, making the ore types you found so far obsolete. Be brave and try diving near your maximum depth limit. Great risks bring great rewards.

- Always remember in which direction you headed. Always try to remember your way back to the ladder.

- If you have to grind for a long time for your next piece of equipment you're probably doing something wrong.




oceanwork_win.zip (LATEST version) 39 MB
oceanwork_linux.zip (LATEST version) 45 MB
oceanwork_mac_os_x.zip (LATEST version) 43 MB
oceanwork_win_ludumdare_jam_version.zip 35 MB
oceanwork_linux_ludumdare_jam_version.zip 41 MB
oceanwork_mac_ludumdare_jam_version.zip 39 MB

Development log


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alto juegoB)


F@%k this game, I hate it, screw the ocean, I'd rather die than explore it, triggered my thalassophobia and megalophobia. 

I enjoyed it very much, simple yet exciting. I managed to get the secret ending first instead of paying off my bounty. Two thumbs up, 10/10




I liked this game,  but I really am wondering about that secret ending. I really didn't understand that all. What exactly happened?

Yeah same I would really like to know what happened

Unfortunely, i wasn't able to finish the game. I don't know why but the game was randomly crashing and it doesn't save your progress, so... i don't want to keep playing just to get crashed in the end.


Very fun and creepy! Did the secret ending, for once I actually had to get out my notepad like when I used to play the old Club Penguin missions as a kid, which made it super fun. well done!

pretty awesome game but all of a sudden the game crushed and lost a ton of progress,would be highly appreciated if you had a save button in the menu

This game is really cool. I love deep ocean stuff and the secret ending really played on my fear of creepy ocean things lol.

Also fuck those sharks lol. Thanksfully the speed upgrade makes them a complete non-threat but early game I was always scared of one popping outta nowhere lmao.

Great game, keep up the good work.

Great game bro, continue this project

its scaring

Absolutely loved it, played it three times just because I liked it so much.

I feel like a pause button is necessary

(1 edit)

fax,we need a save button too

This looks like something that will intensify my thalassophobia. Will try it out

pretty epic game, but i never managed to find the second ending

Deleted 33 days ago

esté jogo é incrivél!! por favor expanda-o!!!

This game is just awesome. I like the progression of the game, buying new stuff from the vendor really keeps you playing, but I think it needs a saving mechanic because it crashes a lot and most of the work I do just doesn't save when I log back in. 

I genuinely had a lot of fun playing this. even to the point where I was write down coordinates and drawing a map

i have one problem with the game and that is that it keeps crashing

Me too


nice game and all but one small problem, THE F%&$ING SHARKS.
they are everywhere and their tactic is to stay above you while your annoying suit yells "injury detected" "injury detected" "injury detected" "injury detected" "injury detected" "injury detected" "oxygen level critical" until you die and lose half of everything you worked for. without sharks: 8.5 out of 10
with sharks: 4 out of 10, because after a little while they make the game nearly unplayable, ESPECIALLY because of how grindy the game gets at some points.

i thought they were whales

nearly shat myself 10/10

Its a very cool game!! I really enjoyed it!!! But I just couldnt find the second ending. But as a developer, im really surprised this game was made in 72 hours!!! This game really has the potential to be on steam!!! Great Job!!!

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This is a game with great potential, got the "Altar Ending". I think adding a compass would be a huge improvement, searching for the locations was annoying, since I had trouble figuring out which direction was +X,-X,+Z,-Z with 2 sharks in my back.

I thought there was going to be a jumpscare at the end, fortunately it wasn't, thank you for that, and for including a Linux build.

Export to pS1 iso so i can play it on my ps2 FMCB

It doesn't work like that, young fella.

I loved this game! I just wish that there was more to do and more treasures and challenges, though.

maybe some coordinates would help with not getting lost and a few ocean creatures like alien fish n stufff would give more life to the game.

it was creepy and it triggered both of my sub-mechanophobia and thalassophobia and it was amazing

(1 edit)

It's not really fun. The shark wasn't really scary, just annoying to get stuck under.

I spent about 20 minutes looking for the second ending, but as far as I know, the only coordinate I can orient by, is the depth meter -  I guess. I did find the thing the pillar directed me to by accident, but I didn't get much further. I don't imagine the second ending to be so amazing to actually look for it that hard.

Nonetheless, good work for putting this together in 72 hours. The game kinda sold it's PS1 look, except for the sea floor, which I don't think even had a material.

But at the end of the day, thank God I didn't have to see the Unity logo. Indie devs should honestly move to Godot ;)

Hope to see more from you!

Yeah, escaping the sharks is tricky, but it's not a problem once you get the Fins. To find the second ending you need to find a GPS underwater, some bodies are floating nearby the ladder, one of them have the GPS, now, orienting yourself with it is also a problem, you need to figure out the X and Z directions.

Oh I see. Completely missed those bodies.
Well I just got the second ending. Cool.

yeah but they become a problem after you get the first diving helmet (not the mask) which is way before fins, especially because of THE F^&*%ING SHARKS

it looks cool ill try it

Great game! I will post a video of game play later today but I found a bug and have a couple of gripes.

Bug*** You can "walk" the camera around as the credits roll and dive back into the water and continue game play.

Gripe #1: There should be a way you can deter the sea moose (shark) from sitting on top of you and holding you down/biting you.

Gripe #2: There's no clear way to exit the game either during or after you beat the game. You can't choose either of the 3 options at the bottom of the text scroll.

Very Good Game!
(2 edits)

This game was awesome. Please continue making this game.

you really got the ps1 style good but there is a glitch where you cant leave the game please add a menu

ı m sad because cant find him 

Search for some dead bodies nearby, one of them has a GPS device, they seem to appear once you got some advanced equipment.

Subnautica 3 is looking good

The escape key doesn't exit the game on MacOs.  It's customary to have the escape key exit the game when in full screen mode on a Mac.  As far as I can tell, there is no exit key whatsoever.

This game is amazing! I can't believe you managed to make it in just 72 hours. I have to say I'm impressed!

And the incremental, grindy gameplay is just fine for a short game like this, imo :)

(1 edit)

enjoyable game needed some more sea monsters tho, i played all way through and only encountered one.

Nice stuff! Here's a video I recorded about this game!

Though I like the concept of ps1 style graphics intermixing with deep sea horror, this game had too many shortcomings for me to actually like it. My main complaints is that the horror/terror element is way too underplayed, and that gameplay can often feel like a chore. The main threat which is running out of oxygen goes from slightly annoying to pretty non existent very quickly, and the other threat which is wildlife consist of only one creature which appears from shore level to the depths, is particularly rare and take like 6 hits to kill you, making it also a non problem. Even when you succumb to these threats the very exponential way in which you gain credits also makes the death penalty of like 25% a non problem too. So what you're left with is a janky mining simulator in which you're forced to be anchored back to base every few seconds so you can buy more upgrades so you can go deeper to get better minerals (and only that, since there's absolutely nothing else in the depths) so you can finally get off this planet.

On some more positive thoughts: the graphic style, the very concept of this game and the start of the game telling you you're stuck in this planet to do slave labor for a megacorporation I really liked. I definitely understand that it's very hard to make a cohesive and even functional game in the span of just 3 days as a one man army, but I still wanted to get my thoughts out on this game as I really do think this has potential and would love to see it make more progress and develop more in the future.

(also how am i even supposed to find the kraken secret through just coordinates when i have 0 ways to use these coordinates in anyway like come on man :( 


Hey, thank you for playing. I'm always thankful for any feedback, so no worries there. I can totally understand that the basic (grindy) gameplay loop isn't for everyone and that is totally fine. But you're totally right that a lot of stuff feels a bit underdeveloped at the moment. And like you said that's a result of the very short development time. Yet most of these are actually problems I'm focusing on for the next big update. 


As for the kraken / coordinates. There's a hidden GPS upgrade which will make your current coordinates visible at the top of the screen :)

I'll be waiting for it!!!

This game is easily one of the best indie games I have played in recent times. I am a young and aspiring indie developer and this was a huge inspiration for me. I love the ps1 oriented art style and am astonished that a game created for a 72 hour game jam could get me to play it for so long. One thing I would add to that game is a delay in between request to sell resources as you very quickly accidentally trigger the "you don't have any resources" sound clip.

Thank you so much for playing! Awesome to hear that that the game inspired you. Thanks! :)

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